This Summer only!
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With the hot season approaching, we’ve prepared for you new infusions to make your cold brew extra refreshing. Tropical fruits like salacca, plums and rosella add the fruitiness touch to our signature coffee, balancing out the bold roasting profile. As always, we brings our Australian expert in coffee to match with Thai treasures, through sourcing local beans and fusing with Thai flavours. Grab yourself a cold brew to beat the heat!


Sala Loy Kaew is the enjoyment of this season here in Thailand. Carved salacca in sweet syrup and lots of ice makes a perfect treat when it’s boiling hot. Here, we combine the dessert with our crafted cold brew through infusion.


The tarty taste of roselle-strawberry-infused coffee is balanced out by the subtle saltiness from roselle-ume sorbet. Together, their different tones of sweetness complement our signature cold brew with complexity, making a perfect icy, fizzy treat for Summer!